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Johan G. Hahn (Apeldoorn 1951) 

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Since 2010 I work as a professional photographer and research journalist. My photographic specializations are corporate photography, event photography, social documentary and natural portraits. Photos of mine are published in dailies, weeklies and journals and were shown in exhibitions in The Hague,  Amsterdam and Utrecht.

I studied at Groningen and Utrecht University (religious studies, communication studies and filmmaking) and at Breda School voor Fotografie. I got my PhD in 1988 and lectured communication studies and media theory at Amsterdam and Utrecht University from 1981 - 1995. I was a visiting professor for film- and television-analysis in Freiburg, Duisburg, Graz and Fribourg. From 1995 - 2010 I worked as a consultant and (interim)manager for different profit and non-profit organizations. 

Contact: jghahn [at] xs4all.nl

Birgit Schuch (Hamburg 1953) 

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As a photographer and cultural anthropologist my focus is on the human living and working conditions and on cultural events and festivals. I am engaged in documen-tary and event photography. Photos of mine are published in weeklies and maga-zines. They are shown in exhibitions in Japan (Hirado 2017), Utrecht, Leiden, Amsterdam and The Hague.

I studied French Literature at Universität Hamburg and Aix Marseille Université. At Leiden University I took a master’s degree in cultural anthropology (gender studies, film and photography). At the School voor Fotografie (Breda) I was trained as a professional photographer. From 1989 - 2013 I worked as an HR professional in business support organizations and the public sector. My expertise as a consultant and coach is in the fields of diversity and inclusion, personal development and organizational learning.     

Contact: bschuch [at] xs4all.nl

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